Retrofitting Rollashocks to your existing brackets

With a few basic tools and skills, Rollashocks can be easily retrofitted to your trailer using existing Roller Brackets and Rollers.


Remove the roller brackets from the trailer. Using a grinder, cut the posts off the bracket and grind the bottom of the bracket flat. Coat exposed metal to avoid corrosion.


Measure the exact distance centre to centre of the roller bracket clamps on your trailer.


Transfer the measurement centrally to the bottom of the bracket and mark.


Drill two 10.5mm holes through the bracket. Use pilot holes to make the job easier.


Using a 12mm tap, tap the two holes.


Screw the Rollashocks into the bracket until firm. Place the toothed washer on and tighten the locknut.


Put the roller on and you are now ready to refit the assembly back onto the trailer. Job done.