Introducing Rollashocks. A new era in the protection of Trailer Boat Hulls.

Rollashocks are a new Patent Pending Shock Absorbing Strut for roller brackets and skids. Replacing the old style rigid posts we've used for decades.

Rollashocks were designed to combat the damage your boat suffers from being towed hundreds of kilometres over bad roads and corrugated tracks getting to that favourite spot.

The flexible nature of Rollashocks helps distribute the weight of a boat and its contents evenly over the keel rollers and skids helping eliminate concentrated load points and jarring which can damage a hull.

They help absorb shocks and vibration from being transferred directly through the trailer into your hull, preserving the integrity and value of your boat.

Rollashocks easily retrofit to your existing trailer or upgrade your next new boat and trailer package with Rollashocks.

  • Rollashocks are designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Built to last from tough corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel and high grade polyurethane.
  • Come in two sizes 40mm DIA (regular) & 50mm DIA (large) with shaft lengths of either 150mm or 200mm as standard.
  • Have a selection of high quality polyurethane shock springs in 3 grades 62, 72 & 82 DURO. One that's just right for your boat.
  • Can be custom made to a size to suit your specific requirements.
  • Can be retrofitted to a wide range of existing brackets or choose one of our quality 316 custom fit brackets.


"A new era for on and off-road boat trailers"